We are highly trained specialist repairers and restorers of all hand knotted rugs and carpets, including Oriental, Turkish, Chinese, Indian, Afghan and Persian. Hand knotted rugs are built on a network of interwoven threads (known as the warp and weft). Pile is knotted on to this warp and weft foundation. Our portfolio of restoration work includes some extremely rare and valuable pieces that have been neglected and deteriorated. These pieces are often unique and irreplaceable - it is possible and economically pragmatic to have such pieces restored to their former glory. We have undertaken multiple larger restoration projects where part of the rug is lost through wear or other damage.

Fringe repair of rugs and carpets

General wear can cause damage to the fringes. Fringes are the weft threads of the foundation of the rug or carpet, so worn fringes can cause the rug to literally unravel over time. Three options are available in this case, depending on the degree of damage. We can apply ‘stop-end’ thread to halt any further damage. The fringes themselves can then be trimmed or re-built. Alternatively, a few warp threads can be removed to neaten up the edge of the carpet, and a new ‘stop-end thread’ is added. The fringes themselves can then be trimmed or re-built. Finally, if damage is more severe and some of the pile itself is affected we can re-build the end. This is done by reinstating warp and weft threads, interpret the existing pattern and adding further knots to re-pile the new foundation threads.​​

The sides of the rug (selvedge) can be worn, which can result in warp threads being depleted. We can re-bind and secure these selvedges (side cords) to tidy the rug, secure the edges and prevent further damage.

Selvedge (or side cord) repair of rugs and carpets

Moth damage can cause loss of pile. We repair these threadbare regions by matching the existing pattern and adding new knots to the foundation.

Moth damage and threadbare repair

We can repair any holes, splits and tears in your rug and carpet by reinstating the foundation threads, then matching the existing pattern and adding new knots to the foundation.

Splits, tears and hole repair

  • Get in touch - either email or call us

  • Using some photographs we can give you an indication of what work may be required. [Depending on the nature of the work required, sometimes a photograph is enough to give a full quote.]

  • We will arrange a time with you to collect your rug, or should you prefer, you can bring it to us.

  • We will provide you with a collection note and take your rug to our workshop

  • Our technicians will then carry out a thorough visual assessment. To ensure a thorough analysis we strongly recommend having the rug cleaned first.

  • We then propose a course of action - this typically gives the customer two or more options. Each option is provided with a full description of what work will be undertaken, and a quote for each aspect.

  • Once your rug is clean and dry, we will get in touch to arrange delivery.

At any stage you are welcome to attend our workshop for a free consultation.



Protect your investment

  • With rug and carpet prices constantly increasing, repair becomes economically advantageous.

  • Some rugs and carpets are collectable and will increase in value if kept in good condition.

Enjoying your rugs and carpets in the future

  • Dealing with repairs as early as possible allows a more complete restoration.

  • Your rug will last for generations if cared for properly.

  • Repairing will bring your rug back to condition and prevent further deterioration.

  • Our expert restorers have skills and knowledge accrued over generations that allow them to deal with each rug’s individual character.

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